Cosine of Life

Have you ever stopped and looked at your life, fully realizing all the amazing things that you have done, are able to do, that could be in store for you in the future and then, out of nowhere, everything is wrong? Let me clarify what I mean by wrong: you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin;  you don’t feel like you belong; the people that surround you that are either family or friends who have become family, all of a sudden cannot do anything (or do nothing) without it being wrong; and you decide that it would be easier to not “be” until whatever this madness is passes?

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Risks for Happiness

Words have always been something that have meant a lot to me, despite choosing to study numbers. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found comfort in quotes that allow me to feel like I’m not alone, that make me laugh, or that say something much more eloquently than I ever could. This quote really resonated with me the other day as I was looking for inspiration for a title for this… And I realized that this was it. This is a risk that I’m taking and now a challenge to myself to continue to take risks to find moments of happiness, however fleeting. For happiness is far to sweet to try and find.

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