Hi there. I’m Amy… An almost not twenty-something still trying to figure out what life is all about and where God’s path will take me. I am a student affairs professional, specifically in residence life/housing, so that means my job is to oversee a building of a few hundred college students, ensure the building stays up, and that the studentĀ make it prosper while residing in it.

I am passionate about mental health of SA professionals (and students), mostly because I have anxiety and depression. There are times when this means next to nothing for me, times when it consumes me, and times when it kind of just hangs out in the background. I hope that if you are someone with a mental illness you not only seek help, but maybe find some comfort in knowing you’re far from alone.

I like: to mix some seriousness into my often inappropriate humor and language; all dinosaurs; pretending I’m crafty/artsy/musical; mashed potatoes, pasta, bread, and basically all other forms of carbs; reading; Netflix marathons; blankets; and sweatshirts on cool days.

If you want to know about the title of the blog, look here.