I feel like I should write this down for future times when life piles up and I can’t seem to catch my breath…

Things that help fight off anxiety & depression:

  • overdue talks with good friends
  • forcing myself to go out with friends/people I do like
    • not wallowing during that time
    • always order the pizookie
    • forgo sleep for one-on-one conversations
  • going to tailgates on nice days, even if i’m on duty
    • encourage others to imbibe when you can’t; remember the funny things they say or do
      • take pictures or video as able for future use 🙂
    • root for your team with others who love it more than you
  • have someone in your life (pretty much at all times) where nothing is off-limits
    • talk about poop sometimes
    • laugh hysterically at dumb things
    • do dumb things and not care
  • hold babies
    • not that the quantity helps a whole lot, but I held 7 today and my life was just better afterward
  • plan an actual vacation
    • it helps that I have time off coming up for this, but still
  • write down these things