IMG_6791I have discovered that I am someone who needs physical reminders of things because when things get overwhelming, my first instinct is to close myself off. It’s why I have all four of my tattoos- they are reminders to myself about various things (to take things one at a time; that I am supported, but can stand on my own; that family is important; that I have fought and will continue to fight insurmountable battles, but I will succeed). I do this in my home too- I have more quotes on my walls than pictures of family or friends- and not because I don’t love them- I do. But it is helpful to me to read the words as I walk down the hallway each morning before I get ready and again when I go back to bed. It’s important to see these words as I fall asleep or wake up. As I sit in my living room and be.

This is the newest addition. I’m still deciding where it will go- it needs to be somewhere I will see it often. But it is also the newest and most important risk so far- I need to CHOOSE my joy, and as someone who is intensely loyal, I know that tough times are ahead. But I also know that the people who are meant to be in my life will stay and more than anything, He will guide me through.